Tuesday, 16 February 2021

What is left?

 What is left?

When you face a violent storm,
That nearly destroyed your dream.
Have faith in your abilities my friend,
Then repair that broken seam.

No one can keep you down,
If you seek to stand and rise.
The people who turn away
show their friendship to be lies.

You have the ability to heal.
You just need to believe it now.
You can be a warrior this time,
Like you once showed me pal.

I needed a anchor to my world,
You were there for me then.
I can hear your silent voice,
I can now really comprehend.

I walk there beside you chum,
I will lift you should you fall.
I will offer love my friend.
All you need do is call!

By Sam Luxton

Stolen Voice

 You thought you had the power,

To steal my voice from me. 

You prevented me saying "no!"

Yet I will always be free.

Unconscious you used me,

No way for me to resist.

Uncontrollable for me,

The violation did persist.

You stole my voice from me,

That is all you will ever take.

I will not let you reside in me,

I will not give in to that hate.

You took away my ability,

To reject the force on me.

Now you sit in a cell alone,

I am strong and free. 

By Sam Luxton

Frozen Bliss

 Samwell Lux

Frozen bliss!
Can you see it’s snowing,
Here’s our frozen bliss.
I want to soak it up,
This adventure I won’t miss.

Mum and dad are with me,
Walking through all the snow.
There is a magic in the air.
Anticipation in me grows.

Tracks are all around me,
People have been before.
Come on mum and dad,
It’s our turn to explore.

Look I can see Nan there,
She’s at it again you see.
Causing trouble in the street,
She’s only took some skis.

I can’t think of anything better,
Than this frozen moment in time.
Except if all of you were here.
The party so sublime.
By Sam Luxton

Monday, 26 October 2020

The Bridge

 The bridge!

In life you’re faced with choices,
That greatly impact you.
They are very personal,
But no one can decide for you.

Sometimes the bridge crossing,
Goes exactly to plan.
Others are swept away,
Carried from the safety of land.

The crashing and tumbling,
Will inevitably leaves scars.
Yet some find land again,
Knowing home is very far.

Some get carried out to sea,
They carry on the fight.
The current battles very hard,
Yet they carry on with all their might.

Some give in to the water,
Hoping to disappear at sea.
I pray just look up,
That light is meant for thee.

It’s not the light of heaven,
But the light of safety.
That light is there to bring you home,
From your journey to the sea.

I’m afraid It will not be easy,
Yet help is close at hand.
Just say the words they needed hear.
They’ll come running through the sand.

They will keep you adrift,
Through cold and stormy days.
Then one day you’re next to them,
Mind freed from the daze.

By Sam Luxton

If Life was weighed up!

 If life was weighed up!

If my life was weighed up,
What would the ending be?
Would it be of happiness,
Or woeful tragedy?
Did I do my best?
To help those who were in need
Or was I a obstacle,
Obsessed by my own greed.
I’d hope I lived for others,
I hope I loved hopelessly.
I hope I’d inspire some,
A few dreams to be achieved.
The path before me is worn,
A track I’ve yet to know.
In this time and space,
My love for all I do sow.

By Sam Luxton

Saturday, 19 September 2020

School Meal!

 Free School Meals!

Some children really struggle,
Their parents barely survive.
All we seek is kindness,
To ensure their children strive.
I get that it is costly,
Not as much as it will be.
If children go without food,
It will be a hazardous journey.
So once again the cry went out,
The people fought back with pride.
If children need free school meals,
Local businesses will help provide.
By Sam Luxton

I Can't

 I Can't

I can't is so defeatest,

I hate these words so much,

They are what stops us all,
From defeat at our own touch.
I am guilty of using,
These words easily,
But a life of constant use,
Makes you unhappy.
If something is not easy,
That is great for you.
It means that you move forward,
Until you make it through.
Sometimes I can't prevent us,
It becomes I won't even try.
To give up so easily,
Is to spit into your own eye.
Working hard is something,
everyone can do.
You can learn so much,
just open that door walk true.
Instead of saying I can't,
Think instead I will try.
With a better practice,
Your hope will become alive.
I can't becomes, I'll try,
which becomes I may not be good.
To becoming a person,
Who tries hard as hard as he should.
I can't needs to be buried,
I'll try should raise again.
Hard work and perseverance,
Is not an enemy but a friend.
By Sam Luxton

What is left?

  What is left? When you face a violent storm, That nearly destroyed your dream. Have faith in your abilities my friend, Then repair that br...